Blank transport - Awesome Card Trick revealed

This is really awesome and amazing card trick.

It requires some preparation and gimmicks but I think the result is really worth it.

Simple to make and perform with strong effect!

Let’s learn it now!



  • For this trick you need have a deck of blank playing cards – it should not be a problem to buy it in your favourite magic shop
  • Then you need to prepare a gimmick that consists of cut playing cards and little piece of paper – please see video for more details
  • Finally, you will need duplicate playing card and rubber band
  • You will see how to use those gimmicks and props in video

Step by Step

  1. Prepare your duplicate card to place you want to transport it to
  2. You can shuffle the deck in front of spectator but be careful to not flash that you have blank deck of playing cards
  3. Riffle down on edges of the deck and ask spectator to say stop anytime
  4. When spectator says STOP, place your gimmick on the place he stop you at, align your gimmick card with rest of the deck and show spectator he stopped you at (your gimmick card)
  5. Remove the gimmick
  6. Now the trick is done and you just need to reveal the result