Butterfly playing cards review

One of the most innovative magic decks I have seen in long time - that is Butterfly playing cards.

Invented in Czech republic, designed in Sweden, manufactured in Belgium and funded in crown funding campaign by people from all over the world :)

I should say that what I describe in this review is a prototype deck but it was made in the factory that will make the actual cards so there shouldn't be much differences between my deck and final product :)


Well, uhm... let me think... maybe butterflies?? ;)

Tuck case

Its very simple - black butterfly on white background on front side, red and blue color stripes on the bottom and that's it.

Final product should have some printing on the inner side of the case as well.

There is sadly no embossing on this tuck case which is a bit surprising for me since the cards were very well funded in crowd funding campaign so I assume that the manufacturer Cartamundi is just not able to do it at this time (but that's just my opinion).

Design - front side

This deck is designed to be used for magic tricks and that means that front side of cards is just completely standard, apart from Ace of Spades.

Design - back side

This is the most interesting part of this deck.

Floral theme shapes two butterflies and also hides the marking systems used on this deck.

Its one was back design.

Marking system

I believe the marking system on this deck will not be shared to public so I will not reveal it either.

But just to give you a little hint - its not a "readers deck" so that means the marks do not tell you exact value and suit of each card immediately when you see it but you need to do some "math" to determine the card.

There is also 2nd marking system hidden on the edges and that will allow you to locate any card just from looking at the edge of the deck and if you're skilled enough also cut to it - and that is what is so innovative on this deck.

Although I don't like to do even simple "math" to determine what card I'm looking at, I will say that the principle is easy to learn and at least in my prototype deck I received the description how to read the markings.

Quality & handling

I was a bit concerned when I've ready that this cards will be made by Cartamundi... I have some decks made by Cartamundi in my collection and they are not suitable magic.

Butterfly playing cards are something different - it seems like they really improved a lot and these cards are just amazing - easy to handle, easy to fan, easy to spring, great for any manipulation.

The stock is very soft and durable and there is nothing to complain about the quality.

I should remind that now I describe the prototype deck but I believe they will keep this high standard in final product as well.


Great innovative deck that's produced in high quality - what can I say more? ;)

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