Candidates - Awesome card trick revealed

This trick is completely impromptu so it does not require any preparation.

Its also easy and requires absolutely no slide of hands and it ends with reveal in mentalism style.

I believe this is awasome trick you should have in your reportoir!


Step by step:

  1. Let the spectator to shuffle the deck
  2. Let him also cut the deck in half
  3. Spread bottom half of the deck in front of him and let him choose one card
  4. After he remembers the card, spectator will return the card on the top of the bottom half of the deck
  5. Place the rest of the cards on top, but make sure that you have seen and remembered secretly the bottom card - this will be your indicator card
  6. Spread the card face up in front of him so he makes sure that there are no duplicates and that order is completely random
  7. Look for your indicator card. One you spot it, look what card is right below it - this will be the card that was chosen by the spectator
  8. Now you are set to go, you can let the spectator to shuffle the cards again
  9. Select four cards from the deck. Three of them will be completely random, one of them will be a card that was chosen by spectator
  10. Place them face down on the table. Remember which card is the one selected by spectator
  11. Now let the spectator to select two cards. It doesn't matter which ones are selected, you will always remove those that suits you so that the spectators card will remain on the table (for this part its better to see the video)
  12. Now you have only two cards in front of you. Let the spectator to touch one of them
  13. Again it does not matter which card is touched. You will always do it in the way that spectators card will be the last card on the table (here again please see the video)
  14. Reveal that spectators card is the only card left on the table and that other cards are different.