Step by Step

  1. Take any 10 cards from the deck, give them to spectator and ask him to shuffle while your back will be turned back to him
  2. Once he is done shuffling, ask him to look at top card and remember it
  3. Ask spectator to think of a number between 1 - 10 and transfer this number of cards from top to bottom (your back is still turned so you don't seen anything, you're just instructing spectator what to do)
  4. Now turn back to spectator and take the cards
  5. Reverse its order (you can cover that by saying that each card is different and show it one by one)
  6. Take TOP five cards (don't reverse the order now) and transfer them to bottom
  7. Return the pile to spectator and turn your back over again
  8. Ask him to transfer same amout of cards as before +1 (so if he before transferred for example 5 cards, he will now transfer 6 cards)
  9. Turn back and take the deck
  10. Place one card on the table and one card on the bottom of the pack
  11. Continue till the end
  12. Last card will be spectators selection

TIP: By described steps specators card will end up on 4th possition in the pile. Use any reveal you wish!