Step by step

Some steps of this trick are kind of difficult to describe in words so here I think its better to follow the video below

  1. Ask spectator to shuffle the deck and then to select and card and remember it
  2. Once he remembers the selection, he will return it back to you
  3. Insert the card somewhere inside the deck and control it to bottom by your favorite method (one easy method showed in video)
  4. Use your pinkie to peel off the bottom card (spectators selection) and insert rubber band into space you just created
  5. Now you need to twist the rubber band around the deck - for that please see video below
  6. Once done, you can manipulate with the deck pretty freely - you can place the deck on the table and everything will still hold together
  7. Take the deck, place you hand below the rubber band and hold the cards tightly
  8. Once you release the pressure, selected card will automatically jump on your hand!