Preparation is easy - get your double-back card somewhere center of the deck.

You can have it prepared on this position from the beginning or you can use some cuts and shuffles to get it where you want.

When you use Bicycle cards, you should be able to cut directly to you double-back card - try it several times and you will see that it works!

Step by step

  1. Get your double-back card into middle of the deck (please see Preparation phase above)
  2. Cut the deck in half - you should cut directly to card you prepared - and place the bottom half on the table
  3. Ask the spectator to choose any card from pile on the table and remember it
  4. While he is choosing the card and memorizing it, turn over the second packet in your hand - spectator will not notice it
  5. Ask the spectator to insert his card into your packet - it will appear that he is placing his card into packet that is facing same direction as his selection while he is in reality placing his selection into packet that is facing opposite direction
  6. Take his packet and turn it over so it will be facing up
  7. Explain to spectator that you will mix those two piles together, so some cards will be facing up and some cards will be facing down
  8. Mix the cards, turn the deck over and everything is done - just reveal the unexpected result