CLEANEST Card Control - BLUFF Pass Tutorial

The Bluff Pass is hands down one of my favorite card controls.

It may feel risky or bold at first, but after you try it a few times you will realize how convincing this card control really is. It is a sleight that allows you to control a card second from the top, while making it appear to be lost in the middle.

In 1928, the move was created by Frederick Montague, who also gave us the term "Bluff Pass". The Bluff Pass, among other moves, was created as as alternative to the pass; an endeavor popular in the 1930s.

The original source is Westminster Wizardry which was published in 1928. Tommy Tucker later developed refinements to move that more resembled how we see the Bluff Pass today. He published his version of the move in "What Next!" in 1936.

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