1. Prepare the card you will search for on 2nd place from the bottom of the deck with random card with same suit above it and also also prepare a card with same value as the card you search for on the top of the deck (as you'll see it in the video below).
  2. Two Joker needs to be prepared on the table - one Joker needs to have "Value" written on the back, 2nd Joker will have "Suit" written on the back
  3. Place two Jokers on the table - Joker with "Suit" should be placed above the Joker with "Value"


  1. Shuffle the deck and maintain this set up - you can use series of false cuts or false shuffles
  2. Ask first spectator to name any card between 1 and 20 and deal down that many cards on the table from the top of the deck
  3. Place the first Joker on top of cards dealt on the table and place rest of the cards on top
  4. Repeat same process with second spectator
  5. Spread the deck and take out Joker with cards above them
  6. Show spectator what is written on back of Jokers
  7. Turn over their cards and take value and suit of respective cards to create a card you will search for
  8. Add numbers that were named by spectators together and deal that many cards from the top of the deck - you will always find the card you search for!