For this trick you'll one one gimmick - double face card - prepare it on the table according to video together with duplicate card that is placed on top of the deck.


  1. Force top card to spectator - he also needs to select another random card so there are two cards in total selected (please see video for one possible way of doing it)
  2. Take the random card and control it to top of the deck
  3. Take the forced card, place it on top and perform several false shuffles so that forced card and random card stays on top
  4. Take cards you prepared on table, square them, turn them over and place them on top of the deck
  5. Snap your fingers and reveal that forced card is now on top between two cards
  6. Take top three cards, reverse their order, perform  double lift and then turn over the last card
  7. Take the center card, ask spectator to cut the deck and you place the card where spectator cut
  8. Now repeat same process - take the two cards you have on the table, turn them over and snap your fingers - forced card will now appear again between top two cards
  9. Square the packet and perform double lift
  10. Peel off top card, place two remaining cards on top of it and place the cards on the table
  11. Everything is done now - reveal that forced card is now in the center and that the 2nd card is between card on the table