Crystal Playing Cards Display Case By TCC

You maybe have some design or rare playing cards in your collection.

You want to protect them and maybe display them as well.

For that you can use Crystal playing cards deck case – lets take a closer look on it right now.


Crystal case started as project on Kickstarter and it was funded successfully.

Case comes in this simple paper box with Crystal playing cards display case written on the front and with TCC logo on bottom.

It is made of acrylic material that feels really nice and I’d say overall build quality is very solid – it we look from the side, we can see that it is actually pretty thick and as I just said, it feels really solid.

What I like most about this case are magnets in the corners – they hold everything together very well but if you want to open the case, its really simple simple so you can change cards inside very quickly and comfortably.

So I’d say this case is great if you want to protect and display your cards – its build very well, and cards inside looks really really nice!

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