• Prediction is placed on the table or given to spectator
  • Spectator freely shuffles the deck
  • Deck is spread on the table, magician takes the Joker and ask spectator to point where in the deck should the Joker be placed
  • The deck is turned over and spread - we can see that Joker was inserted between two cards selected by spectator
  • These two freely selected cards are matching your prediction


All you need for this trick is a gimmick that you need to create. This gimmick is shown in video below and also on following photo:

It basically means you need to glue parts of face up cards (card you'll predict) and center reversed card on back of the Joker.

Then you prepare your prediction and go ahead:

  1. Ask the spectator to shuffle the deck
  2. Spread it on the table and ask him to choose a place where to insert the Joker
  3. Turn over the deck and spread it again - be careful so that you don't flash that the cards are cut and glued :)
  4. Reveal that your prediction is exact match to two cards spectator freely selected