Step by step

  1. Take your ESP deck that is in standard setup - 5 ESP cards in order that is repeated thru entire packet
  2. Shuffle the deck in a way that this order is not disturbed (tutorial here), you cal also ask spectator to cut the deck
  3. Spread cards in front of spectator and ask him to choose a card
  4. Place this card face down on the table - separate the deck into two piles on a place where spectator selected the card  and place the top packet to the bottom (please see video below for details)
  5. Divide cards into two piles and place them on the table - reverse order of first 12 cards by counting them one by one on the table, order of rest of the cards can't be reversed so you can just count it in your hands if you want
  6. Start turning over top cards of this two piles - search for matching pairs
  7. You'll always have matching symbols on 3rd and 8th position
  8. Reveal that the card that was freely selected by spectator is matching the symbols you found in the deck