If you search for very easy card trick for beginners that requires no setup, then you're definitely on right place! ;)

This you'll learn today can be done anytime and its a great piece of mentalism you can perform to your spectators.

I'm sure you'll like it and that you'll learn it very quickly! ;)



  • Deck is shuffled by spectator and placed face down on the table
  • Magician imagines one card in this head
  • Magician takes the deck, finds card he imagined and place it face down on the table
  • Deck is cut by spectator into two piles
  • Magician then shows card he imagined and reveals that this card is matching with card he freely cut to!


  1. Ask spectator to shuffle the deck
  2. Tell him that you'll imagine image of one card in your mind - this is just a presentation; in reality you can imagine anything you want ;)
  3. Announce that you will take out a card you imagine, take the deck and look at card on bottom
  4. Find its mate and place it on the table
  5. Force bottom card to spectator - you can use the Cross cut force you can see in video below
  6. Reveal that you prediction card matches the card he selected!