Empty Frame - Great card trick revealed

Trick that I called Empty Frame is quite easy trick but you need to have few little things to make this effect possible.

The items are however not any special and I believe that this effect is simply worth it.

Ready to learn it? Then continue reading :)



For this card trick you will need little preparation:

  1. Prepare two identical cards and glue one of them to piece of paper that will fit into your picture frame (I recommend to use double sided tape instead of glue because it will not damage your card)
  2. Insert this paper into picture frame in a way that its not possible to see that there is a card inside
  3. If you like part of trick where card vanishes from the deck then also prepare piece of double sided tape on top card

Step by step

  1. Force a card to spectator - use your favorite method (one easy method is described in the video)
  2. Spectator needs to remember the card and if you want to perform the card vanish, ask him to put the card inside the deck in a way that his card will be placed on the top of card with double sided tape - those two cards will then stick together and when you will go thru deck it will appear that his card vanished
  3. Show the picture frame to spectator
  4. Key is to show everything without flashing the playing card inside - once this is done, then the trick is completed - just reveal the result