ESP Coins - Easy trick for beginners REVEALED!!!

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) experiments are interesting part of mentalism that quickly became my personal favorite.

This experiment combines standard ESP cards and coins and I hope you'll like it and learn it as well ;)

And BTW. - this trick is self working ;)



  • Three coins are placed on the table together with the prediction
  • Magician shows ESP cards to spectator, shuffles them, asks the spectator to cut the deck and then creates three piles in front of each coin - number of cards in each packed is determined by value of the coin
  • Spectator is asked to freely choose any pile and to remember its top card
  • Magician shows the prediction - its a number that will be added to value of spectators pile
  • Magician then counts to this number and finds the spectators card!


NOTE: You can perform this trick either with coins or you can just write down the values on the papers instead

  1. Prepare ESP deck so that it is in standard cyclical order
  2. Also prepare the prediction - it will be always number 5
  3. Introduce ESP cards to spectator - its always good to tell him also something about ESP cards history etc.
  4. False shuffle the cards - tutorial here
  5. Deal down cards in front of coins - number of cards in each pile is determined by value of the coin so deal one card in front of coin with value 1, then five cards in front of coin with value 5 and ten cards in front of coin that has value of 10
  6. Ask spectator to freely choose any pile - it does not matter what pile he selects because on top of each pile there is now the same symbol
  7. Take the chosen pile and return it on top of cards remaining cards you have in your hand
  8. Reveal your prediction - number 5 - if the spectator happens to choose pile number 5 as well, you can say that you predicted what pile he will select
  9. Add your predicted value to value of spectators pile (so for example if spectator selected pile with value 10, you count 10 + 5 = 15)
  10. Count down that many cards from top of the packet in your hands to find spectators card ;)