Extremely EASY Card trick Tutorial!

If you like easy card trick, you'll for sure like this one as well ;)

Its very easy to do but also very effective!

Learn this card trick with step by step instructions and instructional video!



  • Ask spectator to choose a card and remember it
  • Magician shuffles the deck by Hindu shuffle and asks the spectator to stop him anytime
  • Once spectator says stop, he will place his card on top of the pile that is magicians hand, then rest of the cards is placed on top of it
  • Magician spreads the deck to find that there is one card turned face up - its not a card that was chosen by spectator but it will help to find it
  • If the card that is turned over is for example 5 of Hearts, magician will deal down five cards and finds spectators selection!


  • Place one card turned face up into face down deck
  • The card is placed on specific place in the deck - if the card is for example 5 of Hearts, it will be placed on 5th place from the bottom of the deck


  • Once preparation is ready, everything is self working so you need to just follow steps described in Performance section