Four of a Kind - easy card trick for beginners

Nice and very easy card trick for all beginners.

It requires little preparation and no sleight of hand.

Easy to learn but great to perform!

Sounds good? Lets learn it!


Step by step:

This step by step guide describes my handling that I showed you in video below. You can of course skip first steps so you will start in possition that will not require any card control at all.

  1. Prepare four cards of your choice on the top of the deck
  2. Try to convince the audience that cards are thoroughly shuffled - the way I did it was that I gave the cards a Riffle shuffle, maintaining my four cards on the top, and then Hindu shuffle where I took first 4 cards and controlled it to bottom of the deck (see video for more details)
  3. This is your starting possition. So you can start here if you don't want to control cards
  4. Now let the spectator cut the cards - this will not change anything. Your setup will still be on the bottom
  5. Ask spectator to make four piles (= your setup cards will be on top of each pile)
  6. Once done, ask spectator to choose one of the piles and turn the top card over
  7. The rest is just about your presentation - reveal that all other cards on the top of each pile is the same. For inspiration please refer to video below