Great card trick with | NO SETUP | revealed!!!

Do you like tricks with no setup?

Then you're on right place because.... although this trick requires a setup, you can position cards on right places right in front of your spectator - this verstion is also shown in video below! ;)

I hope you'll like this trick ;)


Step by step

  1. Insert one card of your choice inside the card box (or anywhere else)
  2. Ask your spectator to shuffle the deck
  3. Once spectator returns cards back to you, go thru them and pick up three cards as your candidates for your prediction - act like you are picking three different cards, in reality pick same cards in same value as you have in the card box (so if you have for example 7♥ in your box, you search for 7♠, 7♦ and 7♣)
  4. Put rest of the deck on table and look at this three cards, choose one of them, place it on the table and place remaining two cards on top of the deck
  5. Turn your head, spread the deck in your hands and ask two spectators (this trick is best to be presented to two spectators) to take any random amount of cards from approximately center of the deck (you eliminate possibility that they take your prepared cards)
  6. Once they do it ask them to count how many cards they have and remember how many card they have
  7. Gesture to spectators to return cards on top of the deck (your head is still turned)
  8. Turn your head back, hold pinkie break under the top card and perform double under cut (there are many tutorials of this technique on YouTube)
  9. For the first time ask spectators how many counts they had. Once they annouce their two numbers, simply add them together and count that many cards on the table
  10. Now everything is done - reveal that there is a card on top of the pile you counted down that match your prediction and also same card on top of the 2nd pile... and same card in your box! ;)