Great number card trick revealed!

This card trick is really easy to do and I'm sure you'll master it in very short time.

It uses mathematical principle and its a self working trick - you need just a small preparation and then follow few simple steps and the result will come automatically!

If you like math tricks and predictions, you'll definitely like this magic trick as well!


Step by step

  1. Secret of this trick is in specific order of cards so prepare cards from 1 - 8 (you can use your regular deck of playing cards - in that case consider Ace to be number 1)
  2. Arrange cards in a way that if you add cards from opposite sides together, the result will be always 9 (more details in video)
  3. Write down number of prediction words on piece of paper - the word you'll predict will be always assigned to number 9
  4. Write down the word you want to predict (the one assigned to number 9) and place this prediction on the table so its visible or ask spectator to hold it
  5. Divide cards into two piles and then ask spectator which one of this piles should come to top - you can repeat this procedure as many times as you want
  6. Then create four piles - when you'll be starting second row its important that you start from ending side (as you can see in the video too)
  7. Ask spectator to choose any pile, take cards and add numbers together - result will be always 9
  8. Show your prediction sheet and ask spectator to find his word
  9. Then you can reveal that your prediction matches the word he selected