How to Get a Girl's Phone Number? | NUMERALIA

Here is a great way how to get any girls phone number and her birthday date - Numeralia magic phone app by Ho-Creative.

What is it? Its a phone app that is designed as fun way to collect phone numbers from strangers during performance of mental magic trick where you'll actually guess theirs phone number correctly! ;)

More details in review below!


Please check live performance in video below.

BTW.... if author of this app is reading this... could you please send me her phone number??? ;))


Skill level

This is mentalism app so you don't really need to have any skills or even experience in magic so you don't have to worry about if you can do it - anybody can do it! ;)


Principle behind this mentalism app is very easy to understand, also thanks to detailed tutorials that are built within the app.

There is video tutorial available as well as detailed text version with screen shots.

Author of this app made sure that explanations are really detailed and easy to understand so the explanations are really great and provides you everything you need ;)


The main option you can set up is the language - app is available in English, Spanish and French and then there is one setting that allows you a little bit to adjust the trick as well.


If you search for easy and fun way how to pick up girls phone numbers then you don't have to search anymore - this will definitely work for you! ;)

As you have seen in the video, all phone numbers, names and birth dates are store within the app so you can use it anytime you wish ;)

This app is not free but hey - this is well worth it!


Website - here

Android app - here

iOS app - here

Amazon Apps - here