I will guess your symbol! | ESP Experiement revealed

This experiment is really strong and easy.

I however believe that it plays stronger in person rather then on video so you might be able to notice the principle on video below.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this trick / experiment! ;)


Step by step

For this trick you'll need some gimmick cards - four double face cards with random symbol on one side and always same symbol on the opposite side + one regular card with matching symbol to opposite card

  1. Show spectator five ESP symbols (be careful to not flash double face cards)
  2. Insert symbols to card box and ask him to think of any symbol
  3. Remove one symbol from the box as your prediction and place it face down - prediction will be always the only regular card
  4. Ask spectator to announce his selection
  5. Remove remaining ESP symbols from the box one by one and leave there the double face card with named symbol
  6. Remove named symbol card as last one, showing it from opposite side
  7. Switch named symbol with prediction card on the table - perform Mexican turnover (details in video below)