Impossible Cut - beginners card trick revealed

This one is really quick - spectator makes four piles of theirs choice and by doing that they cut directly to all four Aces!
Sound pretty cool, right?

And whats best - its pretty easy to do ;)


Step by step

  1. Prepare all four Aces and place / control them to top of the deck
  2. Ask spectator to create four piles
  3. Take the pile with four Aces and push first of them a little bit
  4. Now place first cards from other piles on top of this Ace
  5. Take all four cards (your Ace and three other random cards) and transfer them from one hand to other maintaining pinkie break - that will separate them from other cards (if in doubts please see video)
  6. Transfer first three cards and turn over the last card which will be one of the Aces
  7. Place this Ace on the top of those three random cards (make sure its squared nicely with them)
  8. With use of pinkie break take the Ace together with other three random cards (so you will have four cards in hand appearing as just one) and place it on the top of any pile you have on the table
  9. Now everything is done - just reveal that spectator was able to cut to all four  Aces!