• Spectator shuffle the deck and cuts it into two piles
  • Then he takes his pile behind his back and takes out one card that is placed face down on the table
  • Magician does the same with his pile
  • Both spectator and magician then looks at selected cards to remember them
  • Magician takes his selection and places it somewhere inside the spectator packet and spectator takes his selection and places it somewhere inside magicians pile
  • Magician turns over one pile and mixes piles together
  • Both spectator and magician names their selections
  • Magician spreads the deck to reveal that named cards are the one cards turned up in the deck!


  1. Ask spectator to shuffle the deck
  2. Take the deck and glimpse second card from the bottom and remember it
  3. Ask spectator to cut the deck into two piles and take his pile behind his back, take out one card and place it face down on the table
  4. Say that you will do the same thing with your pile - in reality take the pile behind your back, turn entire pile over, turn over 2nd card (the card you remember) and place the top card (card above) on the table - you can check video below for better understanding
  5. Ask spectator to look at his selection and remember it
  6. You tell to spectator that you will also check your selection and remember it - in reality just look at selected card but DO NOT remember it
  7. Take your card and place it somewhere near the center of spectators pile
  8. Ask spectator to do the same - he will take his selection and insert it inside your pile
  9. Take spectators pile, turn it over and riffle shuffle both packets together
  10. Turn over the deck and ask spectator to name card he selected
  11. You announce your card as well (the card you remember from the beginning)
  12. Spread the deck - named cards will be the only cards facing up