Interactive Spelling Card Trick

Hey guys! This cool beginner card trick is interactive, meaning no sneaky moves or sleight of hand. This can be done to a spectator in person, or even over the phone! Here is a written detailed tutorial just in case you didn't understand something:

  1. Pick a card, then set it down
  2. Split the deck into 3 equal piles next to each other
  3. Pick any pile and place your card underneath it face down
  4. Spell your card (Value, "Of", Suit). If there are any remaining cards, place them on top
  5. Take the remaining 2 piles and mix them up together. Pick another random card from there
  6. Leave that card on the table, and now with the original pile. containing your card, spell that random card you had just selected.Again, if any cards still remain, place them on top
  7. Remember the original card you picked from the beginning, and spell that card one more time
  8. Wave your hand over the pile, and flip over the top card, it should be your card