Interview with a Hypnotist

I suggest taking notes. How do you just go up to a stranger and start performing magic for them? Is there a routine thing to say or do to make people trust you, be on your side, and WANT you to SUCCEED in performing your magic?

Disarming tough cookies right from the first interaction by building rapport.

Hypnotist Allen Scott Bays and I dive into this topic and share different ideas and mindsets to have when approaching strangers and the psychology that goes behind making friends before entertaining them with magic.

Part 1 - Building Rapport

Part 2 - Getting Over "The Shakes"

Everyone goes through it, but is there a secret pill to take to get over performance anxiety?

Part 3 - Comedy in Magic

What type of magician should you be? Is being funny like Daniel Garcia a disadvantage in magic versus being extremely serious like David Blaine? How can you use comedy and humor to your advantage in performing?

Part 3 - Mentalism and Hypnosis

There are a lot of advantages for knowing hypnosis and mentalism. Here are the benefits along with what to get/read/watch if you are interested in getting into mentalism or hypnotism.