This trick is self-working and it requires following setup:

  1. Choose 6 numbers you want to predict and write them on piece of paper or bet a lottery ticket ;)
  2. Write down each number on pieces of paper or blank playing cards four times and stack them together (more details in video below) - remember top card of the stack
  3. Prepare another random numbers and place them of top of your prepared pile

Step by step

  1. Begin the trick with saying that you have a lottery prediction that you'll leave on table for entire time (or you can even give it to spectator if you want)
  2. Show random cards on top to spectator and separate the deck exactly where your stacked pile starts - here is where you will use that you remember first card of the stack >>> separate the deck once you see this card
  3. Ask spectator to choose one pile; you'll not tell him in advance what outcome his selection will have (= you will not tell him if you will use the selected pile, or if you will give it to him) so it does not matter what he select - you'll always use the pile you prepared (if he selects pile with random cards, move it away and use the pile you prepared; if he select the stacked pile, remove the pile with random cards and use stacked pile)
  4. Everything is from now self working - just follow the steps in video below
  5. Spectator or you can cut the deck and you can shuffle it in any way that will not disturb the order
  6. Reveal that your prediction match with his winning numbers
Video must be done again since I found out that the trick wasn't working every time! ;)