Lucky seven - Easy Self Working Card trick revealed

Have you ever wondered why seven is lucky number for most of people?

If yes, then you can stop wondering - in this video you will find the answer ;)

Lets learn this easy self working card trick for beginners!



This trick requires little preparation - remove the Jokers and place Seven on 21st position from the bottom of the deck. 

Its also good to have this seven as first seven from the bottom.

Step by step

  1. You can start this trick with some false shuffle - just remember to keep Lucky seven on possition you prepared it
  2. Make up story about lucky numbers and start finding your prepared card
  3. Once you find it, grab 20 cards under it, turn it over and place it in table. Then place our card (Lucky seven) face up on the top of this cards and then turn and place rest of the cards on it
  4. Ask spectator to create three piles
  5. Once this is done, ask spectator to take 3rd pile (he can mix it), and cut the cards
  6. The card spectator will cut to will be their selection
  7. Put the piles together in the way its shown in video
  8. Spread the deck to see where is our Lucky seven
  9. Grab the our Lucky seven together with all cards below it and place rest of the cards on the table under it
  10. Now count seven cards from the top of the deck and place the seventh card aside
  11. Repeat this two more times so you have three cards aside in total
  12. Now take those three cards and count to seven again
  13. Seventh card will be their selection - just reveal it