Magic Trick #11 by Mikael Montier

Magic Trick #11 is very fun magic trick and nice mobile app.

It provides you opportunity to try bit of augmented reality in your own mobile phone and its great way for you to start using magic apps - its completely free and costs you nothing.

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Spectator selects a card, you then take your mobile phone, launch the app and point it towards deck of cards.

Suddenly, playing cards tuck case is visibly locked inside wooden box.

To unlock it, tap on the box with your finder - box is then unlocked and spectators chosen card rises to the top!

Skill level

Absolute beginner can handle this without problems.


Tutorial is built in the app. Its easy to understand with link to video that will teach you simple way how to force a card.


There is not much to set up.

You can set up the object for augmented reality but that is not free option.


Easy and fun app.

Since its free, you can try it and play with it.

Works with standard Bicycle tuck cases.

Android link
iOS link

Score: 85%