Magic Trick #12 by Mikael Montier

ncredibly visual augmented reality magic app for your phone - thats how we could characterize this app.

The app is very similar to Magic trick #11.

It essetially does the same job but There are few differences - it looks better and its not free.


Spectator selects a card, you then take your mobile phone, launch the app and point it towards deck of cards.

Suddenly, playing cards tuck case is inside fire circle.

When display is pressed, playing cards are covered with some kind of futuristic box (see gallery below) and when screen is touched one more time, spectators chosen card is visibly displayed!

Skill level

Beginner - you just need to know how to force a card.


Tutorial is built in the app. Its easy to understand with link to video that will teach you simple way how to force a card.


No options can be set up.


Very fun, very visual.

Althought it doest the same job as Magic Trick #11, it adds real WOW! effect to same trick (but this time its not free).

Android link
iOS link

Score: 90%