Magic Trick #6 by Mikael Montier

Magic Trick #6 by Mikael Montier is very nice app and piece of magic.

Many people is looking for best "Playing card in mobile phone" app - this app provides them exactly what they want and even much more!

You can find more apps in the store that provides "Playing card in mobile" effect and although I did not tried them all, I believe that if you purchase this one, you simply can not be dissatisfied.

EDIT: Unfortunatelly app update caused that most frequest Bicycle Rider back design dissapeared from the app. Therefore the overall app rating is now significantly lower then before.


Basic effect this app provides you is to make illusion that you are puling an object from your mobile phone.

This is not limited to playing cards but you can do this essentially with anything because you can even take a photo of the object and if it fits to predefined frames, you are good to go.

I personally do this with playing cards and coins but you can do it with credit cards, papers or anything else.

Skill level

I'm sure every beginner can handle this. There is nothing difficult for you to learn.

I don't want to reveal the secret, but obviously if you want to do this with playing card, you will need to know how to force it.

Today, there are many videos on YouTube that will teach you how to force a card and some of the methods does not require any skills at all.


There is tutorial built in the app.

It is just text, not video tutorial, but everything is explained very well.

In fact - I don't even think need for any tutorial as everything is very easy.


You can set up shake sensibility and size of your object so the object image will be adjusted to size of your screen. 


This is a great app. I don't see any negatives on it. Highly recommended!

Android link

Score: 95%

Score: 80%


Edit: Originally this app achieved 95% in my review. After update to new version Bicycle rider back card design dissapeared from the app. I guess its because of USPCC Copyright. If you still have version with Bicycle riderback design in it, don't update to new version!