Magic Trick #7 by Mikael Montier

Magic Trick #7 is mobile app that looks promissing - you should be able to predict result of each coin toss.

App looks very nice - as all apps from Mikael Montier - but how it does the job in reality?

In this review you will find out more details about this app and also my rating.


Basic effect is simple - predict outcome of a coin toss.

Magician takes his phone and shows the coin on its screen.

Then magician swipes up to make the coin rolling.

The coin then stops automatically on predicted position.

There are several ways how to perform the effect - it is also suggested that you can involve spectator and let him to flip the virtual coin while you flip real coin and at the end both coins should always end up on same position.

Skill level

Beginner - no skill needed for basic effect.


Tutorial is built in the app and its very easy to understand.


There are no options you can set up.


Although this app is well designed, I didn't like the effect that much.

Other magic apps from Mikael Montier received very high score, I didn't like this one - this is my personal opinion, if you have different - you can let me know in comment below ;)

If magician is able to predict the outcome of coin flip - why he should even use any mobile app? :)

Android link

Score: 45%