Mini OUT OF THIS WORLD Card trick

Out of this world card trick is great piece of mentalism that has been around for decades.

For traditional version you should use whole deck of playing cards.

Tutorial and video below will teach you version where only little packet of playing cards is used.



  • Magician shows little packet to spectator - this packet contains several RED / BLACK pairs of cards
  • One red and one black card is taken out of the deck and placed on the table face up
  • Magician the takes two cards (facing down) and asks the spectator to guess which card is black
  • Spectator will point to one of these cards and magician will immediately show him if he is right or wrong
  • Everything will continue with other pair as well but this time magician will now show to spectator if he is right or wrong - cards selected by spectator will be placed on the table next to cards with color he guessed
  • At the end magician reveals that spectator guessed correctly all colors!


  1. Prepare cards as you will see in video below - 1 RED, 2 BLACK, 2 RED, 2 BLACK, 2 RED etc.
  2. Show pairs to spectator in a way that he will see pairs that are having different color - each time take two cards from the top of face down packet, show cards to spectator and place them on the table - when you have last three cards left in your hand, you need to hide the card in the middle
  3. Turn the packet face up and place top two cards on the table next to each other (one red and one black card)
  4. Turn the packet face down and take top to cards - ask spectator to guess which card is BLACK
  5. You will show him if he was right or wrong, you will leave black card on the table and move red card on the bottom of the deck
  6. Take next top two cards and ask the spectator to guess what card is RED
  7. Place the chosen card next to red card that is on the table and move the other card on the bottom of the packet
  8. Continue till you have 4 red and 4 black cards face down on the table
  9. Spread rest of the packet to show again that cards are alternating in color
  10. Reveal that he guessed all cards correctly!