Step by Step:

  1. Prapare Eights on 1st and 10th position from the top and 8th and 9th position from bottom
  2. Show the cards to spectator and tell him that you will make a prediction
  3. Turn the deck over and pretend to be selecting random card - in reality search for Eight on 10th position and place it face down on the table
  4. Turn the deck over (so faces are up) and start dealing cards on the table one by one
  5. Ask spectator to say stop - he can say stop anytime but you have to pass Eights you placed on 8th and 9th position
  6. Turn the piles over and ask spectator which one he likes better
  7. If he points to pile with Eight on top (1st original pile you dealt card from), then simply tell spectator that you will deal out respective number of cards from the 2nd pile, turn over the top card (=Eight) and deal out 8 cards on the table
  8. If he points to 2nd pile, tell him that you will deal cards from pile he selected and that you will deal number of cards that 1st pile tells you - turn over top card from 1st pile (=Eight) and deal eight cards on the table
  9. You will be left with three piles and the prediction
  10. Reveal that there is Eight on the top of each pile and that you also predicted Eight