My imaginary friend from Ho-Creative is interesting mentalism trick you can perform with your phone anytime, anywhere without any preparation.

Its easy to do and as most of mentalism tricks, the effect relies mainly on your  presentation.

If you like mind reading and mentalism, you should definitely check this app - its not free but I believe that the price is reasonable for such effect and professional app.

More details on lines below! ;)



Instead of describing you the effect in large paragraphs, check out the video below with performance - it will give you full idea on how the trick looks like ;)

Skill level

The principle is very easy and its easy to understand how the trick is done also thanks to nice tutorials.

As mentalism effect, this obviously does not require any sleight of hand or anything like that - you, as performer, never touch anything - only thing you need to do is to listen to your spectator and - as mentioned on the beginning of this review - most part of the effect is your presentation.


I really can't imagine tutorials to be done better - you can read the text version that explains you everything in great details and there are also two video tutorials available:

  • short 5 min tutorial that will quickly guide you thru the principle of the effect
  • long, very detailed, almost 23 minutes video tutorial that will explain you everything you could possibly need

I guess most people will prefer video tutorials but in case you live in area with bad internet connectivity where you can't play the video, text tutorial will do the job and teach you exactly what to do.

Tutorial section is password protected.


You can set up the language - you can choose from English, French or Spanish and you can also set up few things that will help you to adjust the trick for your best comfort.


My imaginary friend is professional mentalism app that can be done on the fly without any preparation or without any additional devices - all you need is your phone.

Do I see any negatives? Not really - if you like mentalism, you'll definitely like it! ;)


Website - here

Android app - here

iOS app - here

Amazon Apps - here