Oil and Water - No Elmsley Count needed

Even if you're beginner, you probably know the trick called Oil and Water.

This trick is known very well and in most variations uses Elmsley count.

Elmsley count is not that difficult technique but when you're beginner, you might feel not so confident to show the trick on public if you're afraid of failing in Elmsley count.

This version is Oil and Water trick provides very similar effect but does not use Elmsley count so its easier and more accessible to beginners.

Step by Step

  1. Prepare six cards - four red and two black
  2. Divide cards into two piles. One pile will contain three red cards, second pile will contain one red card in the middle of two black cards
  3. Show cards to spectator using method described in the video
  4. Mix cards from both piles together - alternate card by card from both piles, starting with pile with black cards
  5. Take firs three cards and show to spectator that there are only red cards, then take remaining three cards and show that there are only black cards. Always use method that is described in the video
  6. Do exactly the same once again - mix cards from both piles and show the result again
  7. Now you will mix both piles for the last time - you will do exactly the same but this time you will start mixing cards from pile where you have red cards
  8. Take top three cards, transfer first card to bottom and show to spectator that there are only red cards in the packet
  9. Spectator will assume that there are black cards in second packet as well but you will prove him wrong - show that there are another red cards in the packet!