Out of this world improved and revealed!

Out of this world is incredible card trick... in fact, its one of the best mentalism card tricks ever invented - if you don't know the original out of this world card trick, just search the YouTube and you'll find it very fast.

This version of the trick is very interesting too - compared to original handling, this is a bit cleaner, without any suspicious moves... on the other hand, it requires some gimmicks that you normally do not need for this trick - so you need to decide which version is better for you ;)



There is preparation required for this trick but its not so complicated:

  1. Prepare two double sided cards: Ace of Hearts /  random black card and Ace of Spades / random red card - you can use double sided tape to create this gimmicks
  2. Place this cards on the table together with other regular Aces as shown in the video - Ace of Hearts / random black card will be in one corner on top of Ace of Spades and gimmick Ace of Spades will be in another corner on top of Ace of Hearts

Step by Step

  1. Ask spectator to shuffle the deck and optionally you can also ask him to divide it into two halves and use just one half just to save some time :)
  2. Take the cards from spectator and start taking out only black cards (spectator does not know which cards you're taking since he sees only back side of playing cards)
  3. Ask spectator if he thinks that cards you have in your hand are black or red - according to his decision you will place the cards on red or black pile - secret is that you will place this black cards only on pile with Ace of Hearts or Ace of Clubs
  4. Once you have only red cards left in your hand, you will repeat the procedure again but this time you will place cards on Ace of Diamonds or Ace of Clubs (for more details please see the video)
  5. When you place all cards on the table, everything is done - square the packets, don't forget to say that it was the spectator who made all decisions, turn each packet over and just deal out all cards to show the result - in red piles there are only red cards and in black piles there are only black cards!