Perfect cut - Easy Card Trick for Beginners Revealed

This is easy card trick for beginners that you will be able to learn in just few seconds.

To same people this trick may seem to be maybe even too easy, but trust me when I say that it gets great reactions!

This trick is also impromptu, so you don't need any preparation.

Well, everything was said - its time to learn it!


Step by Step

  1. Let the spectator shuffle the deck
  2. Ask him to choose any card
  3. Control the card to bottom of the deck
  4. Ask spectator to cut the deck
  5. Complete the cut for him and position 2nd pile same way as its shown in the video
  6. Make a break - speak about playing cards and that its a normal deck, tell him that he selected the card freely, that he shuffled the deck on the beginning - all that will make the spectator not sure where exactly he cut the deck
  7. Reveal the card and that it matches his selection - please see the video for more details