Step by step

  1. Prepare the prediction - you can take a photo of cards that will be on the table at the end of this trick or you can just write it down on piece of paper
  2. Also prepare three random marker cards aside (I used Jokers in performance)
  3. Place first prediction card as last card of the deck, second prediction on top of the deck and third prediction inside the deck - somewhere near the top (remember position of this card)
  4. If you will shuffle, remember that this setup must stay on its place
  5. Start dealing cards on the table one by one and explain to spectator what will be done - secretly count cards you are dealing, then stop just before your prediction card that you placed inside the deck, place marker card face up on it and rest of the deck on it
  6. Everything is self working from here - deal cards on a table one by one and let the spectator stop you anytime he wants
  7. When he stops you, place another marker card face up on cards that were dealt on table and rest of the deck on top
  8. Repeat one more time with last marker card
  9. Now everything is done - spread the deck and take out your marker cards together with one card just next to it (see video)
  10. Reveal that spectator stopped you at cards that you predicted