Poker bet you always win! | Easy card trick revealed!

This card tricks is really easy and uses just a very simple gimmicked card that I personally don't even consider to be "gimmick."

If you like bets that you'll always win, you're on right address right now! ;)

I'm sure you'll learn this trick in few moments and that you'll leave your spectator speachless and tha you'll will some good money with this! ;)



Trick requires little adjustment of one playing card.

This adjustment is called breather crimp and it will not damage your card.

The way how to make this adjustment is shown in video below - make sure you do this exactly as shown it the video because if you would do this adjustmen from opposite side of the card, it would not work the same ;)

Then take your adjusted card and place four Aces with another random card on it and place this setup on the bottom of the deck - this is the entire preparation.

Step by step

  1. Once you have the preparation ready, make sure that the setup is moved somewhere near the centre of the deck - so you can ask the spectator to cut or you could do half deck Hindu shuffle as I did in video performance
  2. Cut the deck (and complete the cut) and take the top card you cut to - it will be always one of the aces
  3. Next round is on spectator so he cuts too and keeps the top card for himself
  4. Repeat this procedure until you and spectator has five cards on the table
  5. Ask spectator to reveal his cards - he might have some poker combination but at the end reveal your cards too - you will always have four aces and you'll always win!