Prediction impossible - Easy card trick for beginners revealed

Effect of this great magic trick look so impossible but trust me - once you find how easily it is done, you will be able to perform it even without any training!

Deck can be shuffled by spectator, no sleight of hands, only little preparation.

I know you will love it!



This trick requires little preparation.

I describe it with use of envelope but you can use any other object of your choice.

  1. Choose card you will predict
  2. Write the prediction on piece of paper and place it inside envelope and hide the prediction under it - there are many ways how to present this trick

Step by Step

  1. Ask the spectator to shuffle the cards
  2. Then start placing the cards on the table ask the spectator to say STOP anytime
  3. Once he says STOP you stop dealing the cards
  4. Explain that you have made the prediction, take the envelope together with hidden card underneath and place the prediction card secretly on the top of the pile
  5. Open the envelope and show the prediction
  6. Reveal that your prediction is matching the card they stopped you at!