Quick and Easy Card trick Tutorial

I really think this trick is excellent.

I love four Ace routines and this one looks very fair, and its also very easy to do.

You'll love it! ;)



Ask spectator(s) to select four cards in very fair way - deal three selections on the table - then reveal that they selected three Aces!

Then spread the deck - missing Ace is the only card reversed!


From top of the deck: Two Aces face down, two random cards face up and then two Aces face up.


  1. Optionally perform several false cuts and shuffles
  2. Ask up to three spectators to select cards - riffle thru the deck and let each spectator stop you
  3. Once any spectator stop you, take all cards above, turn them over and place them on top - spread the deck and take the first face down card and place above cards on the table
  4. Continue till you have three cards selected
  5. Reveal cards on the table (Aces) and then spread the deck to find the missing Ace ;)