Revealed by TRicksApps

App called "Revealed" is another interesting mobile app made by TricksApps.

App is available for Android, uses very clever principle and there any many different ways how to present it.

Find out more on lines below.


There are many ways how to present the trick - I will describe my favorite way:

Spectator names or selects any playing card from the deck - there is no forcing needed.

You then take your phone, hand it to spectator and ask him to rub the screen.

He reveals that his card is the only one on the screen!

Skill level

This is same skill level as Foto Prediction mobile app because it uses exactly same principle.

It means that principle is easy to understand but you will need to spend some time practicing.


Text tutorial is included inside the app and is easy to follow and understand.


There is not much to set up but settings that are available might help you to adjust the principle and card reveal to your needs and liking.


Nice effect, especially knowing that you don't have to force a card.

App graphic design could be better but this does not influence the real functionality of the app.

When you are performing the trick, you are supposed to launch the app and leave your phone on the table so it looks like its turned off.

This is however not 100% possible if you have mobile phone without physical navigation buttons - in that case Android navigation buttons are still visible - I hope this can be corrected in the future.

Android link

Score: 75%