Step by step

  1. Let the spectator shuffle the deck thoroughly
  2. Show him (spread the cards) that there is no setup in the deck
  3. Secretely look for eight card from the top of the deck remember it, and write it down as a prediction
  4. Leave the prediction on the place where audience can see it and then show them pair of dice
  5. Spectator will follow your instructions
  6. Ask him to roll the both dice and add two numbers together
  7. Let the spectator to choose one dice and turn it over completely
  8. Add number from turned dice to your previous result
  9. Let the spectator to roll the dice that he turned over and again add the number - this will be the final result
  10. Count that number of cards from the top of the deck
  11. Look at dices for the last time and add theirs numbers together
  12. Count this number of cards from the top of the pile you have now in hands
  13. The last card counted will amazingly match your prediction