Shake it! - Easy card trick revealed

This is great little packet effect.

It uses just few cards and only little move that you will learn very quickly.

With a bit of training, this can be very powerfull trick!


Step by step:

For this trick you will need to learn little move called Ascanio spread - this move is shown in the video below.

  1. If you decide to use same cards as me in performace, prepare four Aces and Four kings
  2. Take two face up Aces, place four Kings facing opposite direction underneath it and then add another two face up Aces (see the video in case of doubts)
  3. Perform first Ascanio spread to show four Aces
  4. Take a packet in your right hand (if you're right handed) and place it to the top
  5. Perform another Ascanio spread to show that one Ace turned around and then again take whole packet in your right hand and place it to the top
  6. Do another Ascanio spread - now it will appear that two Aces are face down
  7. Square up the pack and transfer top card to bottom
  8. Perform another Ascanio Spread to show that now only one Ace is facing up
  9. Square up the pack and transfer top card to bottom again
  10. By performing last Ascanio spread you will show that all Aces magically changed their direction
  11. Shake the packet and turn in around in that motion - this way you will not reveal that you have too many cards in your hand
  12. Perform Ascanio spread for last time - spectator now can suddenly see Kings instead of Aces!