Signed card to wallet - Easy magic tutorial

There are many ways hot to get playing card signed by spectator to your wallet.

Lines and video below describes one of the easiest methods I know.

It is not so difficult but it will require some practice and knowledge of two basic moves - card control to top of the deck and also double lift.

There are also many ways how to control a card or how to do double lift. In my tutorial I rely that you probably already know this quite basic moves so I don't go deep in instructions in my video.

If you will struggle with this two moves, search YouTube for their tutorial :)

Now, lets get right to signed card to wallet routine! ;)



There is not much to prepare - only tak your double back card and place it on suitable place inside your wallet... thats it for preparation ;)

If you don't have double back card, you can buy it in magic store or make it on your own by sticking two playing cards together - if you'll use double sided tape, it will not damage your cards.

Step by step

  1. Ask spectator to choose any card and sign it
  2. Once done, control the card on top of the deck (one easy method described in video below)
  3. Take your wallet and open it - spectator will see that there is one card inside (its your double back card)
  4. Take this card from wallet and place it naturally on the top of the deck
  5. Perform double lift (shortly described in video below) - it will look like the signed card travelled to wallet!