Slop - Classy card trick with tutorial

This is classic card trick, one of the firsts I ever learned.

Its easy and also impromptu so any beginner can do it even with borrowed deck of cards.

You even don't need a table if you know the right control so its suitable also for street magic.

Don't wait a second - learn it now!


Step by Step

  1. Ask spectator to shuffle the deck and pick any card
  2. Control the card to bottom (see video for more details)
  3. Shuffle the deck in a "crazy" way - push few cards, turn them over and repeat again and again (see video for more details) so that it will appear that cards are randomly face up and down. Place bottom card (spectators selection) to top
  4. Now spectator should believe that there is a mess in the deck but reality is completely different - half of deck is face down and half of deck is face up
  5. If you use Bicycle cards, there will be natural break between face up and face down cards and you will be able to cut directly to this break. If for some reason you can't find this break, you can also bend the deck slightly before performance
  6. To convince spectator that there is a mess among the cards, cut first to card that is face up and then to car that is face down (don't complete the cut and return cards back)
  7. In the end cut to natural break, turn over the pile and square up the deck
  8. Now everything is done - reveal that his selected card is now the only one facing up

If you have problems finding the break, try to bend the whole deck first - please see comments below the video where I also added photos for illustration.