The Impossible Card Trick by TricksApps

The Impossible Card Trick magic app allows you to perform old card trick in new fashion, using your mobile phone.

If you're magician, you might know this trick already - so in fact, to perform this trick you don't need to have any mobile app if you know how its done (this mobile app does not reveal the exact math behind the principle).

Its however nice spin and you can use modern technology in your performance.


Spectator selects 5 cards from the deck - true free selection, no forcing.

You then take this cards and pull out one card as prediction.

Ask spectator to insert values of all remaining cards into the mobile app and in few seconds one card appears on its screen.

You then reveal that your prediction matches the card displayed on the screen.

Skill level

Not so difficult but it will take you some practice to cover all possible situations.

I had to sit down with piece of paper and write down some notes to understand everything (maybe it will be easier for you if you're native English speaker).

Some math is involved - luckily not too complicated :)


Text tutorial is built inside the app and I had to read it several times - as mentioned previously, it might be easier if you're native English.


You have few options for playing card back design selection, time interval until back of the card is shown and launguage selection for playing card values translation (currently English / Russian / Italian)

You must set up password to be able to see the instructions.


Nice app that uses principle of old card magic trick.

Graphic design is unfortunately not very attractive and for me it was pretty annoing to enter a password each time I wanted to see the tutorial.

If you like the effect and if you don't know the principle behind the old card trick, I can recommend it.

Android link

Score: 75%