The Sixth Sense - Easy Self Working Card Trick Revealed

Do you have the Sixth Sense?

Well, believe it or not, some playing cards do have it and this will help you to do the magic!

This is a self working card trick so you just need to follow few simple steps.


Step by Step

  1. Prepare two piles. There will be exactly 15 cards in each pile. Prepare also one extra card that will help you to find spectators selection
  2. Introduce the two piles to spectator and ask him to cut both of them anywhere he wants
  3. Ask spectator to choose any card from rest of the deck and remember it
  4. Spectator can place the card on the top of one of his piles, then place one of your piles on top
  5. Now place your helper card on your remaining pile, then put his pile without selected card on top of it and put everything on his pile (here is better to refer to video below :))
  6. Make two piles and eliminate pile without helper card
  7. Continue to repeat this step till you have only one card face down - reveal that its spectators selection