This card trick requires very simple setup:

  1. Prepare three predictions: 2 RED 5 BLACK, 4 RED 3 BLACK and 6 BLACK 8 RED
  2. Then prepare two piles of cards: First pile will have 2 red, 2 black, 2 red, 6 black and 2 red cards, Second pile will have 1 black (remember this card), 2 red, 2 black, 4 red and 5 black cards
  3. Place first pile on top of second pile

Step by step

  1. Divide the cards into two piles on card you remember; you can add some false cut or shuffle before you divide the cards
  2. Ask spectator to take any 7 cards from top of any pile and place them in front of prediction #1 - its a free choice how they will take the cards - they can take any amount of cards from any pile, alternate piles, etc.
  3. Turn over the piles so that spectator can see the card faces and ask them to do the same - take any 7 cards in front of prediction #2
  4. Take rest of the cards and place them in front of prediction #3
  5. Reveal that your prediction matches with cards spectator freely placed in front of each prediction