TRUE Mind Reading TUTORIAL !!!

Mind reading.... is it really possible?

Well, mind reading was researched by many scientist, mentalists and magicians all over the world.

With this trick you'll learn today you will make important first step into true mind reading!



  • Deck is shuffled and one card is chosen by spectator
  • Card is returned back and deck is shuffled again
  • Magician will now deal cards face up on the table and spectator is asked to says Stop when he sees his card - but he will not say Stop out loud - he needs to say it only in HIS MIND!
  • Magician will be able to hear spectators thoughts and identify his card!


For this trick you'll need one-way design playing cards

  1. Prepare playing cards in a way that the cards are in same direction
  2. Shuffle the deck and let the spectator choose and remember any card
  3. Return the card back into the deck and rotate it so that you will be now able to identify the card in the deck
  4. Rest is presentation only - see the video below for inspiration and little overview of one-way design playing cards